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Top 3 Professional Guitar Tricks for Beginners

As a beginner, you’d want to learn how to play the guitar as soon as possible. You would look for shortcuts and use them as soon as you have the opportunity.

Believe it or not, unlike what everyone says, there IS a shortcut to learning how to play the guitar, though it’s very hard to figure out on your own.

So that’s what this blog post is all about, to tell you about these shortcuts and it’s up to you how you use them.

A shortcut to identifying any notes

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Knowing how to identify any note in a matter of seconds is very convenient, especially when you’re only starting out as a guitarist.

You will encounter times when you want to find a certain note at the fret board, but it can be overwhelmingly frustrating to memorize all notes in each string.

So, a shortcut to do this is just memorizing the notes of the fifth and sixth string. After you do, you’ll find that it is easier to memorize the rest. You don’t have to memorize all of them at once.

Each chord has an easy version

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In order to play the guitar, you have to know how to position your fingers into the fret board. You have to memorize each chord to do so, and it can be very difficult.

That’s why many guitarists had given up but little do they know that there are easy versions of these chords.

With that in mind, you don’t have to memorize three notes and more. Instead, you can convert them to fewer notes.

Fortunately, at Attlas Music we strive to include all of them in our database. If you have any suggestions, we’ll appreciate it!

Final Note: Take Care of Your Guitar

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Although there are ways to improve your playing techniques, your guitar itself is the most important part of playing.

Since there are several factors that affect the sound made by your guitar, you need to make sure nothing gets past you. It can be the volume of dust accumulated in the guitar, the rust, and more. So, take care of your guitar and you’ll find that it can result in a better overall sound.